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It's time to change the status quo that is leaving us and our staff burned out and our patients dissatisfied. because we don't have the time nor the energy to give them the care they deserve. If you are ready to rewrite the rules for your own practice so you can have more time off, a great team, and more income while delivering better patient care, then join us for inspiring interviews with thought leaders in the medical industry.

Each week we discuss improvements to operational efficiency, reducing provider fatigue, increasing access to meet patient expectations, and introducing the next generation of healthcare innovation.

This is your defining moment to be a disruptor in healthcare.

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Which strategy is more valuable: time management or energy management?


1. Feeling exhausted and overwhelmed at the end of the day 2. Wasting time on tasks that could have been avoided 3. Missing out on important events because of a lack of time If you’ve been feeling this, then this episode is for you! I broke down for you why energy management is more important…

6 Effective Points of Budgeting for Successful Private Practices


Running a business in healthcare can be costly due to high personal school loans for the newer providers and business loans for different implementation phases for an existing clinic. Therefore, business owners are always looking for ways to do worthwhile budgeting. Unfortunately, when they are not budgeting plan, if it is not according to their…

How to be a Finisher Not Just a Starter in 3 Steps with Sabrina Runbeck Ep 3


Has this happened to you… You have so much to do that’s hard to get through the day, never mind sticking to any routines. Although you are getting things done, you feel like you are hustling from one thing to another without an ending. At the end of the day, you hardly sleep for 5…

Would You Let Anyone Stop You From Sharing Your Amazing Story With The World? With Adriana Monique Alvarez


Sabrina Runbeck, MPH, MHS, PA-C As medical professionals, there will be times that we want to impart our journey through writing. You may be thinking of writing a book, but the mere thought of the publishing process discourages you! The fear of being rejected by publishers is what stops many aspiring authors to share their…

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Healthcare Private Practice Owner

I can help you run a peak performance team
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After overcoming burnout working in surgery, Sabrina Runbeck went back to her roots in neuroscience and public health helping healthcare practice owners and their teams to develop mental immunity so they can do less, achieve higher, and enjoy more. Her clients stop having endless to-do lists, constantly putting out fires, or are not able to move steadily forward. If you want to gain a day per week and increase your team’s productivity... then you have landed on the right page, with the right consultant who is also a recovered clinician.

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