Embracing Food Identity: Healing modern day gut issues through traditional healing foods with Sara Chong


Have you felt disconnected from yourself?

You probably are feeling good in general but still sensing something is off where it’s hard for you to see how to get your body feel right all the time?

Perhaps you are having flare-ups of...





As a health entrepreneur, you are already super busy, to find the best way to replenish nutrients to fill your energy seems to be another task on top of your heavy load.

However, if we can't give the best of us we are giving what's left of us.

In this podcast episode, I invited Dr. Sara Chong, DC, a gut health specialist where we talked about helping women heal modern gut issues and embrace cultural food identity.

Listen to the full episode and find out which nutrients and minerals are not suit for your body, rather than playing a guessing game of which supplement you should be taking.

Remember your mind and body are connected. Make a small change in your lifestyle and experience big changes with your life enjoyment and fulfillment!

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To connect with Dr. Sara, find her links below:

Instagram: @drsarachong

LinkedIn: sarachong

Facebook: drsarachong

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