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Secrets of Effective Symptom Management

Beginner's Guide to Hemp-Based Products

Today, you are about to discover how hemp-based solutions are becoming a game-changer in managing COVID-19 symptoms and promoting overall well-being.

We have with us Dr. Michael Steward, a pioneer in cannabis-based healthcare solutions who combines his medical background with extensive research on cannabis.

His unique journey from a career in Fire Rescue to managing HIV patients during his residency and his fascination with cannabis as an adjunctive therapy will make you see this plant in a whole new light.

Prepare to be astounded as Dr. Steward reveals the incredible potential of their product, Formula C, in improving the health of those diagnosed with COVID-19.

Here are the key steps:

  • Understanding Hemp-Based Products
  • Evaluating Your Needs
  • Consulting with Practitioners
  • Dosing and Administration
  • Tracking Your Progress

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Live Interview

Show Summary

“Our hemp-based formulations offer a new path to symptom management and overall well-being. Don't settle for traditional medications alone, explore the power of the full cannabis plant.” - Dr. Michael Stewart


In an era where natural wellness is gaining momentum, hemp-based products have surfaced as a promising solution for managing health concerns, including lingering COVID-19 symptoms. Our health is our wealth, so why not invest in understanding these alternative therapies? The trick lies in identifying quality brands that uphold transparency and organic production. A little guidance from healthcare professionals could never go amiss, providing us with a roadmap to navigate the world of hemp-based products. With the right dosage and administration methods, tailored to our individual needs, we might be closer than ever to better symptom management and overall well-being.

1. Understanding Hemp-Based Products

 Get acquainted with hemp-based products, their various forms, and potential benefits. Taking a deep dive into the therapeutic potential of hemp-based products offers the opportunity to explore an exciting, innovative direction of healthcare. These products have gained popularity due to their ability to deliver significant benefits, and since have emerged as a viable method to manage various symptoms, including those associated with COVID-19. By understanding the mechanisms behind hemp-based products, we can appreciate their distinct attributes and their role in fostering overall health. In a captivating conversation with physician Dr. Michael Steward on The Provider's Edge podcast, we unravel the nuances and unique advantages of hemp-based products. 

According to Dr. Steward, the hemp plant contains phytocannabinoids capable of regulating our endocannabinoid system, an overlooked yet essential biological network. He explains, when this system is in sync, we function optimally; however, an imbalance can lead to less than desirable health outcomes. The administration of phytocannabinoids like CBD in various doses can restore this balance. A particularly noteworthy revelation from the discussion was the ability of these products to be easily combined with other medications, offering a flexible therapeutic approach that doesn't significantly disrupt an individual's existing regimen. Exploring alternative healthcare methods like hemp-based products is pivotal in today's world where healthcare professionals and patients alike are seeking more natural and holistic approaches. The potentially life-changing relief from ongoing symptoms they can provide makes these products worth investigating. Furthermore, learning to understand and utilize these products from health practitioners can lead to optimal results, altering the narrative of health care by putting the power back into the hands of the patient. Having an informed patient is indeed an empowered patient, and an empowered patient can make more productive choices about their health. In a time where autonomy can often feel stripped away due to pervasive health concerns like COVID-19, this offers a valuable glimmer of control and hope.

2. Evaluating Your Needs

Identify your specific health concerns, such as managing long-term COVID-19 symptoms, and consider how hemp-based solutions could help. Life takes us down surprising paths, and we often find ourselves in places we never envisioned. This can be true for many areas of life, and there's no better example than in the field of healthcare. Medical practitioners often migrate towards new practices and paradigms when they notice the potential for more effective treatments, and in turn, better patient outcomes. This was the case for Dr. Michael Steward, who began his medical journey working in Fire Rescue. After noticing the benefits of cannabis as an adjunctive therapy for his patients, he went down a medical rabbit hole leading him to discover the promising potential of full plant medicine. Dr. Michael Steward's insight into the endocannabinoid system gives him a distinct perspective. 

As someone who has experience in introducing novel therapies into clinical practice, understanding the system's role as a master regulator in maintaining balance and homeostasis within the body, has been crucial. He advocated the use of full plant medicine, which preserves the natural composition of the plant, including cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids, that, unlike isolates or synthetic compounds, work synergistically for more effective results. This philosophy inspired the creation of Endourage's Formula C, a product that's making waves within post-COVID care. The overlapping potentials and applications of full plant medicine in broader health and wellness contexts further underline its significance. The safety of such products, supported by thousands of years of human use, and the rigorous testing by companies like Endourage reassures users of their effectiveness. With full plant medicine, not only can patients have an alternative solution, but they can also be part of a movement that prioritizes a more natural and holistic approach to healthcare. Embracing this shift can make a meaningful difference in the lives of many, and perhaps, even contribute to reshaping the future landscape of healthcare.

3.  Choosing a Brand


Opt for brands that emphasize transparency, provide test results, and adhere to organic production. Dr. Michael Stewart, an experienced medicinal practitioner, passionately believes in utilizing the natural therapeutic potential of hemp-based products. His company, Endourage, stands out amid other brands for the priority they place on transparency in their operation system. Their meticulous attention to detail within the production process has birthed innovative solutions such as their proprietary formulation, Formula C, which is currently being examined in a phase four clinical trial dedicated to the alleviation of long COVID symptoms. Navigating from his extensive first-hand experience in using cannabis as an adjunctive therapy in his practice, Dr. Stewart recalled how at Endourage, they concentrate on full plant treatments. 

This method ensures the preservation of the natural enzymes and higher terpene concentrations present in the cannabis plant, thus optimizing the therapeutic potential of their products. The company’s profit is not solely driven; their commitment to clinical studies testifies to their dedication to assuring the safety and efficiency of the products they provide. Through this process, consumers are educated not to view cannabis merely through the lens of getting high or the negative stigmas attached to it. But rather, the wider populace becomes informed on the therapeutic potential of full plant cannabis and its effect on the endocannabinoid system. Dr. Stewart brings hope to the recovery of long COVID patients who might have been exhausted with their constant search for effective solutions. This not only opens a new chapter in medicine but also a paradigm shift in society's view of cannabis and hemp-based products. The step towards a safer and healthier society is thus marked with the selection of brands committed to transparency and dedication to their consumers' health.

4. Consulting with Practitioners

Seek guidance from healthcare providers to ensure safe and effective usage of hemp-derived therapeutics. In today's world, the integration of alternative medicine with conventional therapy has become increasingly popular, paving the way for a fresh approach to health and wellness. As part of this emerging trend, consulting with practitioners when considering novel therapeutic options, especially those derived from organic substances like hemp, represents an important step. Professionals possess in-depth knowledge about these generally less-understood products and their implications. They guide individuals in harnessing their potential benefits safely and optimally. This collaborative effort ensures the most suitable dosage and administration for diverse populations while allowing for progress monitoring and treatment adjustments as necessary. Delving into the specifics of this approach, Dr. Steward highlighted the significance of practitioner-guided usage of their hemp-based products. His emphasis on individualized treatment reveals a deeper understanding of the complexities associated with hemp therapeutics. For instance, he mentioned the influence of endocannabinoid system discrepancies on dosage needs. This explains his recommendations for higher doses in cases of endocannabinoid insufficiency, indicating an appreciation for the uniqueness of each individual's health situation. Furthermore, considering the need for practitioner guidance in ensuring product compatibility and efficacy, Dr. Steward's clinician-based approach manifests itself through his commitment to transparency. 

By voluntarily sharing their test results and maintaining the integrity of their production process, they provide practitioners with the confidence to guide patients in using their products effectively. The importance of the practitioner's role in managing hemp therapeutics is multifold. For one, they help navigate the demographic-dependent complexities associated with optimal dosage conditions. They also ensure compatibility with other medications, helping minimize potential harmful interactions. Moreover, they can vouch for product safety based on rigorous testing practices and standards compliance, encouraging adoption amongst a wider audience. But beyond these, perhaps the most significant is their ability to provide a personalized experience, elevating the concept of hemp therapeutics from a mere alternative to an integral part of a comprehensive wellness strategy. Through this integration with mainstream medicine, hemp therapeutics can realize their full potential in health management, making them a suitable adjunct treatment for a variety of health conditions, including long COVID symptoms.

The importance of exploring alternative health solutions like hemp-based products cannot be overstated, especially for those seeking relief from long-term COVID-19 symptoms. Knowing more about these products and their potential benefits is the first step towards a healthier you. Identifying your health concerns and considering how these products could be beneficial forms the basis of your healing journey. Opting for brands that value transparency and organic production — while also seeking the guidance of healthcare providers — ensures your journey is safe and effective. A proper understanding of dosing and administration, coupled with regular monitoring of your progress, paves the way for optimal results. So, take that first step, because a healthier, happier you is just a few steps away.

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