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Growing Your Practice

Through Videos

Are you sure you are truly leveraging your online presence in order to engage your audience and reach new, potential patients?

Let’s face it - your patients are online. You are throwing $$$ out the window if you don’t make a genuine attempt to interact with and teach them in an online space.

Videos can be a powerful tool in that online space. In particular, there are four types of key videos that, if used in the correct order, can be highly advantageous in your patient’s journey. 

David Lu, a pharmacist turned marketing professional for physicians, joins us this week to teach us all about the four types of videos you NEED to make for your practice.

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Live Interview

Show Summary

Owning and running a private practice is hard work. You have to wear many hats, from bookkeeper to HR manager, and it can be difficult to find the time to connect with your patients on a personal level or to market your business to potential new patients.

But in the digital age, it's easier than ever to reach a wide audience with your message. Videos are a great way to promote your private practice and connect with potential patients who might need your care. By creating informative and engaging videos, you can educate people about your services and build trust with potential patients. In the competitive world of private healthcare, video is an essential tool for connecting with potential patients and growing your business.

Here are a few tips to keep in mind when creating videos for your practice:

Identify the Problems And Find a Solution

1. Concentrate on Your Brand Image 

One of the most important things that making videos will do is build trust between you and your potential patients. Everyone watches videos online. As a practice owner, you get a chance to truly educate people and build your brand at the same time. You can use this opportunity to talk about how different you are from other practices and what patients can expect from you. 

2. Understand the Different Types of Videos 

Working at a practice, you deal with all kinds of unexpected situations. You can use these times to document and educate people who might need your care. The key is to make different types of videos such as 7-second videos, longer documentary-type videos (Keeping all the patient details confidential), educational content, and much more. 

1. Short-form Content 

The best way to reach people is through short yet informational videos. People are usually on the go and may not always get the time to watch a full-length video. So, work on making short-form informational content such as facts you didn’t know about healthcare or your daily schedule as a practitioner. 

2. Website Videos 

Make sure to have original videos from your practice on your website. This will give potential patients an insight into how your practice works, how the workers are, and the real blood, sweat, and tears that go into a job like yours. It also makes the patients more comfortable visiting you when they know what to expect. 

3. Educational Content 

This is probably the best type of content you can make as a practitioner. You have more knowledge about healthcare than the average person and you can use it to truly educate and inform people. 

This type of content not only drives the most traffic but also helps people be more informed and look out for early signs if they have a dangerous or life-threatening disease. 

4. Paid Content 

Making ads to reach a larger audience is another great way to grow your practice. Paid ads work great at targeting a potential audience. You need to choose the platform and the type of content you want to put out to your audience. Usually, Instagram and Facebook work great for paid content but you can always look for other options. 

When you are able to fully embody your personal brand image and imbue them into the different types of video content, you will not only extend your reach to potential clients, but also create opportunities to teach your current clients. With your busy schedule, it is important to allocate your resources, energy, and time effectively so you can get your return on investment, boost your productivity and gain back one more day in your week. 

This article is a summary of my conversation with David Lu on Episode 25 of the Provider's Edge Podcast. 

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