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How to Be A Finisher

Not Just A Starter
In 3 Steps

Has this happened to you...

You have so much to do that's hard to get through the day, never mind sticking to any routines.

Although you are getting things done, you feel like you are hustling from one thing to another without an ending.

At the end of the day, you hardly sleep for 5 hours.

But, hey, you get things done, you are running a practice, and serving your patients...

Is this your ideal life though?

Can you sustain what you are doing for the next 1, 5, or 10 years?

You deserve more than just work to survive.  In this episode, you will learn how to be a finisher, not just a starter in 3 steps. Adopt them into your life on a weekly basis to build a scalable private practice that matches your lifestyle. You have the potential to earn more profit, provide more impact, and gain more free time while being a healthcare entrepreneur.

What if you can figure out exactly what you want out of your business and your life and then have a strategy to make them come true without rushing through life?

You may ask, “Sabrina, how do you go about developing a specific plan to manage your activities? There is just so much I want to do and yet to accomplish?”

Well, you landed in the right place today. Listen to today’s episode and implement these fundamental strategies so you can get more time off to take care of the most important thing: Yourself!

The growth of your private practice is heavily dependent on how you leverage your time!

Are you ready to give it a try?

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Show Summary

How can you figure out exactly what you want and stand confidently behind that desire so you can achieve a specific result? Ultimately, be a finisher, not just a starter.


In this episode, you will learn the three steps that you must use weekly to reach your goals without compromising your sanity.

Step 1: Get all the help you need to run your practice

Have you experienced where you have so many choices, you end up not knowing what to do?


This phenomenon is called the Paradox of Choices.


Now put this on a larger scale of life.


Once you have all the help you need running your practice, your marketing team will give you different options for patients to discover your practice. Your operational consultant is proposing different ways for you to run the back end of your office. You hired an HCAP specialist to work on patient onboarding and monitoring workflow to improve customer experience.


You have to decide for yourself to not get lost in one area of life. Look at what’s important in your life to make sure you aren’t putting too many things off. Devote more time and energy to the things that are important in each domain of your life.

We have to go down to the basics and look into life in 10 essential domains that make up your wheel of life. Each domain is interconnected with another. They are:


  • Personal Mission - Do what you meant to accomplish as a person. 
  • Quality of Life - Create sustainable happiness and joy.
  • Physical Health - Be in a state to live a life of good health to perform all essential functions.
  • Mental Fitness - Work on your mental fitness for you to get to that peak performance level.
  • Spirituality - Be connected to the energy around the world.
  • Personal Development - Develop who you are as a person.
  • Career Advancement - Advance your work in the directions of your drive.
  • Financial Intelligence - Create long-term financial security for you and your family.
  • Love/Family - Establish deep intimate relationships with your loved ones.
  • Social Support - Build a strong support system that can cheer you up and tell you the truth.

Step 2: Write down your personal mission for greater success

Write down your personal mission by hand in your journal or a place that is visually visible. Many pieces of research have shown that taking notes by hand instead of typing on a computer significantly improves your memory recall.


Writing down how you envision your life and career is a way to set your desire into a reality, so you can recall it even if you are facing a dilemma.


Journaling is a great way to keep track of your goals and progress. It allows you not only to see the things that have gone well but also gives insight into how best to achieve greater success in the future.


Human decision-making is predominantly driven by emotions. When you have this clear vision, you can use it as an internal composition to guide your decisions.


Combining how you value yourself in each of the 10 essential domains of your wheel of life and how you envision your ideal life, you can then ask yourself to better understand where you are now. Then, you can make the right adjustments.

Step 3: Fight, Flight, or Freeze.

No matter how high functioning you are, when facing difficult situations, your primitive brain will be telling you to fight, flight, or freeze.


If you get stuck in one of these zones and do not realize what you had done, then there will be significant consequences.


When a staff member consistently misses work without explanation, it can be difficult to know what their reasons may have been. They might tell that they are unavailable for an extended period because of illness or family matters when in reality the problem is more likely personal time commitments outside working hours which leads them not showing up at all – do you think this type of behavior would still be acceptable?


Not processing the decision correctly will affect you.


Your journey to get to an ideal lifestyle or a career-high might not always be predictable. However, if you have a clear written vision that can be a north star to guide you, then you will be less likely to derail into a distracting path.


This is the reason why planning is essential for success! Being a planner has its benefits – when you’re in the moment, living your life and making decisions, things fall into place rather than feeling planned out for you.


However, when it comes to long-term plans, stay focused without getting overwhelmed with all the aspects of planning. Follow your instincts, be open-minded, and create a plan that’s tailored for you.

Final Thoughts!

You deserve more than just work to survive. Adopt these three steps to be a finisher, and not just a starter in your life to build a scalable private practice that matches your lifestyle. Plus, get more time off to take care of the most important thing: YOURSELF.


You have the potential to earn more profit, provide more impact, and gain more free time while being a healthcare entrepreneur. The growth of your private practice is heavily dependent on how you leverage your time.


Want to hear detailed explanations and see some real-life examples of how this applies to healthcare leaders?

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