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Technology for Patient Engagement:

Transforming Patient Care for Better Outcomes with Dr Brittany Busse Ep 48

As a physician, navigating the complexities of the healthcare system can be a daunting task. To excel in this ever-evolving environment, it is crucial to stay up-to-date with the latest innovations and trends. Below, we will delve into key insights about the ways to build a career in healthcare as a physician. You will find the significance of genuineness, cooperation, technology, and perpetual learning in healthcare. Thus, the guidance will assist healthcare professionals seeking to build a successful and fulfilling career.



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Show Summary

Discover the importance of collaboration, delegation, and community in both medicine and entrepreneurship as Dr. Brittany Busse shares her experience in building a network of collaborators and partners to provide solutions for independent clinics and concierge medical practices. She also discussed the need to prioritize tasks and delegate responsibilities in order to avoid overwhelm and burnout as well as several key strategies for enhancing patient care and growing a successful healthcare business, including leveraging mid-level support and deepening relationships with strategic partners.


In this episode, you'll learn:

  • The Importance of Sincerity and Congruence in Medicine 
  • The Power of Synergy and Fellowship in Healthcare 
  • Revolutionizing Patient Care with Technological Advancements and Health Coaching
  • Harnessing Intermediate-Level Assistance for Improved Patient Care
  • Cultivating Deeper Relationships for Elevated Conversion Rates
  • Perpetual Learning and Personal Advancement in Healthcare 

1) The Quintessence of Sincerity and Congruence in Medicine


The first and foremost thing is aligning personal values with professional goals. You need to emphasize on identifying when values and actions misalign is critical. As those help to make essential changes that lead to a more rewarding and significant blend of personal and professional endeavors. Physicians should prioritize their authenticity to build meaningful connections with their patients.

Dr. Brittany Busse's journey through the medical system emphasizes the importance of being true to one's principles and aligning actions with personal values. Though she started with a passion for psychiatry, she found her true calling in surgery. Her own health complications made her reevaluate her priorities, leading to a more genuine and fulfilling practice. The lesson here is to recognize when our actions misalign with our values, allowing us to make necessary changes and achieve a more rewarding and meaningful professional and personal life.


2) The Potency of Synergy and Fellowship in Healthcare


Collaboration among medical professionals and between physicians and entrepreneurs is crucial in today's information-saturated environment. The importance of establishing a robust network of collaborators and community members to remain well-informed, delegate responsibilities, and deliver the finest care to patients must be underscored. The Health platforms like ViTel exemplifies this synergy, bringing collaborators together and spotlighting their innovations.

With information overload and limited time, working with other medical professionals and entrepreneurs can help create a robust network of collaborators and community members, leading to better-informed practitioners who can delegate responsibilities and deliver top-quality care to patients. ViTel Health's comprehensive platform exemplifies this synergy by spotlighting collaborators and their innovations to help create thriving physician practices. The lesson here is to establish a strong network of collaborators and community members to empower healthcare providers to deliver the best possible care to patients.

3) Revolutionizing Patient Care with Technological Advancements and Health Coaching



ViTel Health's methodology for enhancing patient care involves leveraging technology and health coaching to build stronger patient-physician connections. By integrating health coaches in a concierge medical practice, patient trust and communication were bolstered, resulting in superior health outcomes. The lesson here is to adopt innovative solutions and nurture strong relationships with patients to cultivate a more compassionate and effective care experience for all.


"We constructed an interoperable platform that dissolves healthcare silos, welcoming collaborators who excel and spotlighting them. We present them to the practices they can most impact. Building this network of collaborators, bridging the gap between physicians and physician offices, or between entrepreneurs and those aiming to assist physicians, paves the way for collective success." - Dr. Brittany Busse, ViTel Health

4) Harnessing Advanced Practice Providers for Improved Patient Care:



Dr. Busse and Sabrina Runbeck stress the importance of investing in Advanced Practice Providers and other medical staff to streamline patient care and enhance communication. By training these individuals to deliver educational material and assessments, healthcare providers can address societal barriers and psychological profiles, leading to more personalized patient interactions. This support structure enables physicians to focus on the most pressing issues during their limited patient consultations. The lesson here is to empower intermediate-level support staff to streamline patient care and enable healthcare providers to focus on critical aspects of patients' needs.

5) Cultivating Deeper Relationships for Elevated Conversion Rates:


Physicians should prioritize forming deep relationships with strategic partners and referral sources in healthcare. These alliances yield higher conversion rates and a higher lifetime value compared to alternative marketing approaches. By making meaningful connections with fellow healthcare professionals, entrepreneurs can develop a solid network of referral partners and champions, benefiting both their organization and patient care. The lesson here is to prioritize forming lasting relationships with strategic partners and referral sources, as these connections can lead to substantial growth and elevated conversion rates in the long run.


"Strategic partnership and referral partners result in 30% higher conversion than any other method. Walton Business School even indicated a 25% higher lifetime value compared to other approaches. For me, the focus has been on learning how to become the best strategic partners, reaching out to the right people, and turning those connections into champions." - Sabrina Runbeck, MPH, MHS, PA-C, host of “Provider’s Edge”

6) Perpetual Learning and Personal Advancement in Healthcare:



Continuous learning and personal development are critical for healthcare professionals. Physicians should seek opportunities for expansion and remain receptive to novel ideas and tactics for both professional and personal achievements. Dr. Busse emphasizes the importance of continuous learning and personal development among healthcare professionals. Finding one's genuine voice and seizing growth opportunities can foster better collaboration and enhance the ability to serve patients effectively. ViTel Health provides customized tools and communities to help healthcare providers discover the most suitable methods for them, nurturing a flexible and supportive atmosphere. The lesson here is to embrace lifelong learning and personal growth to remain adaptable and inventive in the ever-evolving healthcare environment, seeking opportunities for expansion and remaining receptive to novel ideas and tactics for both professional and personal success.



In today's rapidly changing healthcare landscape, having the appropriate tools and resources is imperative for physicians and patients alike. Our conversation delves into the challenges faced by healthcare professionals and the innovative solutions provided by ViTel Health. From authenticity and alignment in medicine to the power of collaboration and community, our discussion illuminates essential lessons for healthcare practice owners and executives. By adopting technology and health coaching, leveraging intermediate-level staff support, fostering strategic partnerships, and pursuing continuous learning and personal growth, healthcare providers can create more fulfilling and meaningful practices, ultimately benefiting both their patients and their own professional development.

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