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Elevate Your Patient Care:

Unraveling the Link Between pH Balance and Overall Well-being

Does this sound familiar? You are a healthcare expert. You know what to do. You've ate right, exercised regularly, and took care of your mental health, but you're still not feeling your best.


You're frustrated, tired, and wondering why you're not seeing the results you desire. The truth is, there's an often overlooked factor that could be holding you back: pH balance in your body.


Today we will discuss with metabolic expert Dr Ahmad Nooristani to show you how chronic low metabolic acidosis are causing an imbalance in pH level which contributes to a myriad of health issues.


  • Discover the little-known significance of acidosis on overall wellness and your vitality.

  • Unravel the surprising advantages of Balance Seven and its role in promoting your health.
  • Unearth the potent connection between alkalinity and preventing cancer, revealing new avenues for sustained well-being.
  • Embrace unconventional wisdom to realize how open-mindedness in medicine can revolutionize your health.
  • Master the art of maintaining balance for optimal health, empowering you to lead a more enriched and healthier lifestyle.

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Show Summary


Dr. Ahmad Nooristani, a passionate advocate for alkalinity in the body, reveals the surprising power of pH balance in preventing disease and improving overall health, as he strives to convince skeptical healthcare professionals to embrace the potential of Balance Seven and challenge the status quo.


In this episode, you will be able to:


  • Learn about the essence of pH balance in the body for comprehensive health.
  • Unravel the mystery behind chronic low metabolic acidosis as an underpinning factor for several diseases.
  • Digest the encouraging results when pairing Balance Seven with established cancer therapies.
  • Acknowledge the crucial role of embracing and understanding alternative treatments in our healthcare system.
  • Comprehend the interconnectedness of balanced diet, exercise, and mental robustness for exceptional well-being.


Episode Timeline:

[00:00:27] - The overlooked factor: pH balance

[00:04:28] - Healthcare system complexity

[00:09:30] - Efficiency in healthcare

[00:12:11] - Operational and personal efficiency

[00:18:23] - Chronic low metabolic acidosis

[00:19:35] - pH affects health and disease

[00:22:31] - Alkalinity and its effects

[00:24:20] - Fear and innovation in healthcare

[00:29:24] - Anecdotal evidence and side effects

[00:33:46] - Efficiency improves patient care

[00:34:37] - Integrating alternative medical practices

[00:36:33] - Your feedback is essential

"Medicine is just not just taking care of patient. There's so much more to it." - Dr. Ahmad NOORISTANI

The Impact of Acidosis on Health

Acid-base balance is a fundamental concept in human physiology and essential for our survival. When we say acidosis, we're referring to the condition where the body tends to become excessively acidic. This doesn't just mess with your stomach or cause heartburn. No, this goes way beyond. Acidosis, specifically the chronic low metabolic form, can tip the balance of your bodily functions, affecting many organs and systems in ways you wouldn't even imagine. It could contribute to the progression of diseases like diabetes, heart issues, and the big one- cancer. Imagine a state of constant inflammation battling your immune system. Not the best of scenarios, huh? Dr. Ahmad Nooristani, in his conversation with Sabrina, expressed just that. How chronic low metabolic acidosis paves the way for various diseases. He pointed out that the pH level of blood, typically maintained between 7.35 and 7.4, undergoes cycles of acidosis and alkalosis (opposite of acidosis). When the body is in a constant mildly acidic state, that's when the trouble brews, compromising overall health and wellbeing.

The Benefits of Balance Seven

And here we meet Balance Seven, a supplement taking up the task of restoring the optimal alkaline (opposite of acidic) state in the body. It's not just any other supplement because it's been observed to pack quite a punch- especially in tackling symptoms in cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy. This little product was instrumental in reducing side effects, lifting energy levels, and bettering responses to cancer treatments. We discuss Balance Seven because Dr. Nooristani swears by it. As he shared with Sabrina, administering it alongside chemotherapy to cancer patients brought forward encouraging results. There were fewer side effects, patients reported feeling more energetic, and their response to treatment improved. All in all, promoting Balance Seven, for Dr. Nooristani, is like promoting a path to better health.

Alkalinity and Cancer Prevention

Drawing from the concept of acidosis, keeping a balanced alkaline state in your body could be a key factor in preventing severe diseases, including cancer. Think of it as a defensive shield that helps your body to function better. Eating fruits and vegetables, staying hydrated, and cutting back on acidic foods can promote a healthy alkaline environment. Unveiling old reality anew, Dr. Nooristani emphasized the crucial role of alkalinity in preventing diseases and maintaining overall health. On his talk with Sabrina, he enlightened about how maintaining ph balance through appropriate diet can reduce susceptibility not only to cancer but also other diseases, emphasizing on the importance of prevention over cure.

The Importance of Open-Mindedness in Medicine

Open-mindedness in medicine means remaining receptive to new ideas or arguments, even when they conflict with one's current beliefs. This openness encourages constant learning and growth, leading to improved medical practices and patient care. For instance, embracing new treatment procedures or alternative medicines based on emerging evidence can enhance treatment outcomes. Dr. Nooristani's talk is a testament to that. He considers open-mindedness as a crucial characteristic in medicine. He elaborated to Sabrina how some physicians may be skeptical to accept newer treatments or supplements lacking extensive clinical trials. And with the same breath, he urged them to consider anecdotal evidence and the potential benefits. It's about trying out new approaches, bearing in mind that each patient is unique and their bodily responses differ.

Maintaining Balance and Optimal Health

Maintaining balance refers to managing mental and physical health. It's about incorporating the essentials like an adequate diet, regular exercise, and a strong emphasis on mental well-being. But remember, it's also about preventing burnout and cherishing what you do. Because in the end, neglecting your health can lead you into a vicious circle of illnesses. Dr. Nooristani couldn’t agree more. He emphasized the role of a balanced life in boosting health. He suggested tips like consuming alkaline foods (fruits & veggies), exercising, and most importantly - taking mental well-being seriously. In his words, avoiding burnout and finding joy in work can maintain a healthy life in the long run. So next time you're pushing that extra hour, consider this advice.


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