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5 Ways Feedback and Support

can Propel Your Professional Development in Healthcare

Navigating the challenges and complexities of the healthcare industry can often seem daunting, especially for individuals involved in private practices or smaller physician groups. Recognizing the power of feedback and support becomes crucial to achieve professional growth in such dynamic settings. It not only enhances our ability to connect with our peers in meaningful ways but also enables us to diversify our service offerings, thereby expanding our reach. This makes for a rewarding personal journey as we witness ourselves growing, adapting, and honing our skills that directly impact our patients' lives.


Here are the key steps:

  • Harnessing the Power of Pinterest for Brand Visibility
  • Strategies to Handle Overwhelming Social Media Tasks
  • The Importance of Delegation in Effective Task Management
  • Achieving Efficiency through a Personalized System
  • Finding Balance between Business Aspects and Passion Pursuits.

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Show Summary

We explored the remarkable journey of Angela, a healthcare professional who draws inspiration from personal experiences to shape her career path. Discover the path to a fulfilling and successful healthcare career on Provider's Edge Podcast. Gain valuable insights from Angela's personal journey, where she draws inspiration from her own experiences to create a compassionate approach to patient care. Learn the importance of work-life balance in sustaining long-term success and well-being, and explore the opportunities that entrepreneurship and innovation can bring to the healthcare field. Expand your reach and impact by diversifying services and adopting effective marketing strategies. Finally, optimize your productivity and achieve a better work-life balance through efficient routines. Tune in to Provider's Edge Podcast and unlock the practical wisdom that will elevate your healthcare leadership and business endeavors.


Episode Timeline:

00:02:18 - Choosing a Career in Psychotherapy,

00:05:58 - Pivoting to Private Practice,

00:11:00 - The Importance of Support and Feedback,

00:12:50 - Growing the Practice and Creating Online Products,

00:17:28 - The Power of Pinterest for Branding and Business,

00:18:10 - Using Clubhouse and Linktree as Alternate Platforms,

00:19:48 - The Importance of Content Consistency,

00:22:20 - The Struggle of Balancing Social Media and Self-Care,

00:24:25 - Efficiency and Personal Rhythms,

1. Harnessing the Power of Pinterest for Brand Visibility


In an ever-growing digital world, platforms like Pinterest have emerged as powerful tools for brands to increase their visibility. With its focus on visually appealing content and the trend of users actively seeking inspiration or solutions on the platform, it allows businesses to reach a wider, more engaged audience. And unlike the fleeting nature of posts on some social media platforms, Pins can continue to drive traffic to your website long after they've been posted. This makes Pinterest a sustainable, long-term strategy for bringing attention to your brand. So, if your business isn't utilizing this platform yet, it might be time to consider adding Pinterest to your marketing mix.


During her conversation with me, Angela Ficken, a licensed clinical social worker and owner of Progress Wellness, shared her personal experience with using Pinterest to grow her business. She emphasized the effectiveness of this platform in not only gaining notoriety but also driving traffic to her website. Angela confessed her love for Pinterest not just as a business tool, but also on a personal level, suggesting her genuine understanding and relatability to the platform. Beyond the appealing visuals, Angela spoke about the value of the content itself. The success lies in creating pins that address the needs or problems of users, or simply bring valuable or inspiring information, and leading those users back to your website. The importance of harnessing the power of a platform like Pinterest cannot be overstated for the audience of healthcare professionals in private practice or smaller physician groups. Diversifying your services and expanding your reach has never been more crucial than it is in our increasingly digital world.


Just like Angela, healthcare providers can utilize Pinterest as a low-cost, high-reward avenue for marketing their services. By creating pins that address health concerns or promote wellness and linking back to their practice's website, professionals can organically increase their visibility. This helps to attract potential patients and establishes the practice as an authority in its field. So, whether you're a veteran business owner or just starting out in your profession, this prevalent platform offers an excellent opportunity to connect and engage with a larger audience effectively.



2. Strategies to Handle Overwhelming Social Media Tasks


Navigating the vast implications of social media can be daunting for professionals, particularly those from the healthcare industry, but with the correct knowledge and strategic planning, it can play a significant role in the evolvement of business power structures. An experienced psychotherapist, Angela Ficken underlines the necessity of turning strategic thinking into action to cope with overwhelming social media tasks. Such work doesn’t have to be a complex maze of challenges. Beginning with one or two channels, and gradually expanding the social network base, is an ideal way to start the social media journey. Seizing help by delegating tasks to content creators or organizers can effectively diffuse the workload.


Incorporating these strategies is not just about efficiently managing digital platforms, but also about ensuring quality while orchestrating online visibility. In the conversation in this episode, Angela recounts her journey and shares her perspective on building a brand. She describes her venture into the realm of Pinterest, using it as an eminent tool for business exposure and attracting web traffic. A small business owner herself, she rationalizes the overwhelming aspects of social media exploration while managing all aspects of her business. Her valuable insight into managing your career and personal life comes from her own struggle with juggling responsibilities. It is not just about being at the helm but also about ensuring that the ship sails smoothly with crew members who are adept and skilled. Delegating tasks, she explains, not only eases the burden but also fosters an environment of shared responsibilities and growth. The world of social media, as unraveled in the conversation with Angela Ficken, brings forward the need to capitalize on its potential for networking while also mitigating the overwhelming task of managing multiple platforms.


It may not appear on the surface, but the proper understanding and management of social media can significantly enhance service delivery, reach, and, most importantly, personal growth. This key learning is especially substantial for individuals foreseeing an expansion beyond traditional practice or conventional frameworks. It's the art of understanding the digital labyrinth and learning to turn it into an ally rather than an adversary. It's about using these platforms to reach, communicate, and connect with a wider audience. After all, in the digital era – connection is key.

3. The Importance of Delegation in Effective Task Management

There's an often overlooked reality that those in private practice or smaller physician groups, like our guest Angela Ficken, face. Managing your business is not just handling the clinical side of things but it also, importantly, means effectively overseeing all the support tasks as well. You're not only in charge of patient care but also responsible for social media management, marketing efforts, business development, and so on. This multifaceted role can be overwhelming, which is why delegation becomes essential. Delegation, in essence, allows professionals to focus on their expertise, streamline operations and manage tasks more effectively.


Angela has shared some deep insights from her own journey. Having run her own private practice for a decade now, she reveals that content creation on platforms like Instagram and TikTok is a full-time job. It was simply not feasible to juggle so much without diluting the quality of her core services. Realizing the importance of staying in control and maintaining a balanced workflow, Angela began to delegate tasks and seek help from content creators or organizers. It was a strategy that eased the burden of managing social media, allowed her to focus on what she loves to do and ultimately, stay on top of her profession. Understanding the need for delegation and incorporating it into one's professional routine is not just advantageous, but may well be pivotal for the survival and growth of one's practice. The immense responsibilities that healthcare professionals shoulder, especially in a smaller set-up, necessitates efficient task management.


Delegation allows for the redistribution of tasks based on individual skills and talents, leading to improved efficiency and often better-quality outputs. It also has an empowering effect on team members, as it fosters an environment of responsibility and accountability. Above all, it helps to avoid the overwhelming, often detrimental, effects of work overload. Without judicious delegation, the risk of burnout looms large, a situation that benefits neither the professionals nor their patients.

4. Achieving Efficiency through a Personalized System


In the constantly evolving healthcare field, efficiency can serve as a linchpin for success. By establishing a personalized system, professionals can align their daily tasks with overarching goals, ensuring maximum productivity and progress. This potential for growth makes honing efficiency fundamental, particularly regarding maintaining balance within one's professional and personal life. In this realm, the concept of a conveyor belt system heralds a structured approach where each task receives due attention. By touching upon every task daily, professionals can ensure nothing gets left behind or overlooked, thereby fostering a well-coordinated process.


Drawing from Angela Ficken's experiences, she found using her personalized conveyor belt method revolutionized her workflow. Angela, a seasoned psychotherapist, surmounted recurring challenges by developing a structure that catered to both her professional obligations and personal needs. She emphasized how each task on her ‘conveyor belt’ gets touched once at least, keeping a check on the progress without being overwhelming. This systematic approach reflected her commitment to delivering effectively and consistently. By acknowledging that efficiency can fluctuate, Angela elucidated the merit of flexibility, reminding professionals that it's perfectly okay to momentarily pause certain activities for self-care or family time.


Understanding how a personalized efficiency system can elevate performance is eye-opening for the audience. It's a reminder that staying organized isn't about overloading oneself with tasks, but more about a smart arrangement that echoes one's pace and rhythm. An efficient system not only aids in better time management but makes the journey far more pleasing and fulfilling. For instance, the conveyor belt method Angela shared mirrors that belief, it encourages all areas of life to flow seamlessly, reducing the chance of burnout or stagnation. Achieving efficiency through a personalized system clearly illuminates the path to a harmonious equilibrium between productivity and personal well-being.

5. Finding Balance between Business Aspects and Passion Pursuits.

In today's dynamic business environment, there's an ever-increasing demand for professionals to balance cohesive business strategies with their passion pursuits. The key is not just about multi-tasking, but about multi-passionate entrepreneurship that involves juggling numerous responsibilities without losing sight of what ignited the professional journey in the first place. It's about aligning business efforts with a person's unique talent and passion. Not only does this strategy foster a deep sense of personal satisfaction, it also enhances creativity, productivity, and overall professional growth. Such a balance is becoming more crucial than ever in various sectors, including healthcare, where professionals are required to focus both on their disciplines and on aspects like marketing, business development, and patient satisfaction. Angela Ficken, a highly experienced psychotherapist and entrepreneur, shared valuable insights based on her professional journey. She underscores the importance of aligning her passion for psychotherapy with the business needs of her practice.


Angela's entrepreneurial experience is rooted in her ability to stay focused on her passion while managing the crucial components of her business. For example, the initiation and expansion of her online product line, such as workbooks and stress management courses, highlighted her ability to merge her expertise with the need to grow her business and reach a wider audience. This hasn’t been just about expanding her practice; it’s also about creating that positive ripple effect to reach more individuals in need of her expertise. This aspect of balancing business needs with passion pursuits is significant because it establishes sustainable professional growth based on personal strengths and interests. It's more than just finding a niche; it’s about creating an innovative ecosystem where passion fuels the drive for business growth and vice versa.


In this way, professionals are not just confined to the four corners of their designated responsibilities but are instead equipped to transcend conventional roles, thereby leading to comprehensive professional development. Furthermore, such balance produces meaningful solutions that have a direct positive impact on the target audience. It's a blend of intuitive decision-making, leveraging personal strengths, and fostering a dynamic business environment that goes beyond the traditional business model.



The essence of professional development lies in the power of feedback and support, especially for healthcare professionals operating in private practice or smaller physician groups. Harnessing the reach of Pinterest, managing daunting social media tasks, and emphasizing the importance of delegation are all prime examples of this. Furthermore, achieving efficiency through a unique system tailored to your needs, while maintaining a balance between the different aspects of running a business and following your passion, is equally crucial. So gear up to incorporate these key insights into your practice, and witness how they fuel your professional growth and expand your reach.



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