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How to Leverage Media to

Elevate Your Authority and Expand Your Healthcare Business?

Have you ever wondered how you can grow your practice by having your own podcast, TV show, or book? Tune in for today’s podcast episode to discover how you can create an effective growth strategy for your practice using media, so you can extend your reach and step up as the expert!

If you’re a busy healthcare professional, you are familiar with how precious and limited your time is.

As the saying goes, you can always make more money but you can never make back your time.

How you spend your time maintaining and growing your practice is crucial, especially since your career is naturally very demanding. 

In this episode, I speak with Josh Elledge, the founder and CEO of Up My Influence.

Over the course of our discussion, we talked about how leveraging media can really help a healthcare practitioner to earn their audiences’ trust quicker without having to physically be everywhere.

We discuss strategies that save time and boost your online presence, even if you are new to the virtual space. 

As a syndicated columnist, Josh has been studying consumer behavior online for the last 15 years.

He has been on TV for more than 800 times and serves as a mentor to business leaders who wished to step into influencer and thought leader status.

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Live Interview

Show Summary

In recent years, there has been an undeniable shift in the way that medical practices and professionals engage with their communities. For example, instead of seeing their general practitioner’s face on a billboard, patients can now watch them every day on YouTube or listen to their advice on a podcast.  

In short, it is no longer enough to simply rent a building, provide a service, and wait for patients to make appointments. If we really want to drive long-term loyalty from the communities we serve, we have to continuously meet patients where they are. And that is online.

Here’s a quick look at why that is and how you, as a busy provider, can maximize the use of digital media to establish authority in your area of expertise, grow your practice, and build a reputation that patients trust.

Why Leverage Digital Media?

Provides familiarity and accessibility for clients

Think about it from your client’s perspective. Whether they are looking to book a dinner reservation or a consultation with a dermatologist, they want to know what they can expect about the experience ahead of time. To figure this out, they turn to their smartphones to do a quick Google search, browse some relevant websites, and potentially follow a few social media accounts that pique their interest. 

Finally, when they are ready to book one week, one month, or even one year in the future, they are most likely to choose the service provider they are the most comfortable and familiar with. This principle is known as the “familiarity bias.” 

One of the best ways to build this familiarity over time is through content creation in the form of blogs, podcasts, videos, and social media posts. By consistently creating content surrounding your ideas and expertise, you make yourself accessible and relatable to your community. The result? People are drawn to your practice and when a new client finally meets you face to face, they already know you, like you, and trust you.

Creates opportunities for high-level networking

Another major perk of online content creation is that it provides you with the ultimate networking tool. When we put our ideas and passions out there for the world to see, other people in our industry take notice. They then invite us to speak at their events, collaborate on their projects, and they may even refer potential clients to us. 

Growing a practice is not possible without the support and acceptance of our industry peers. An investment in media and content is a great way to lay the foundations for an effective networking strategy.

Builds your long-term reputation

When we make ourselves accessible through online content that is genuine and helpful, people naturally want to be connected with us. They will then seek out our services and recommend us to their family, friends, and colleagues over and over. This foundation of trust is what fuels a positive reputation - which is crucial to the long-term success of any practice. 

4 Best Practices for Busy Providers

So how do we actually put these principles into practice? Here are four quick tips to consider!

Choose the right channels

Before producing any content, it’s important to think about your audience and the channels they use so you can promote it in the right places. 

  • Create content that can be repurposed

Maximize the value of your content through repurposing. A podcast can easily be created into a blog and a blog can be broken up into snippets to create social posts. You would be surprised at all the different creative ways that content can be repurposed and repacked! 

  • Get smart with your budget

Instead of crunching the numbers to find ways to increase your promotional budget to account for new digital content, consider finding ways you could use that promotional budget more efficiently. For example, do you really need that big advertisement in your local magazine each year? Or would it be more cost-effective to create a piece of high-quality digital content that can be used over and over again?

  • Be willing to give

Of all the things to take away from this article, this tip is the most important. When it comes to content creation, you have to approach it from a place of openness and generosity. It’s easy to want to “keep” our industry secrets, tips, and ideas to ourselves. However, research shows that in the long run, those who give generously always perform the best and receive the best results. 

Want to hear more detailed examples that are not included in this article? 

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