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Unraveling the Media Maze

Navigate Your Health Tech Story to Success with Sabrina Runbeck Ep 74

Welcome, innovators, dreamers, and architects of tomorrow! In today's episode, we're diving deep into a critical dilemma that’s been the pivot of many success stories and also, admittedly, confusion: choosing the right media platform for your health tech narrative. But that's not all! We're peeling back the curtain on a game-changing opportunity that could redefine your media journey. 

Get ready for a riveting discussion on podcasts, radio, TV, print media, and an exclusive insight into the PulsePoint Path Impact Awards, where the spotlight isn't just a dream—it's a promise!

Hello, dedicated listeners, and welcome back to our show. Today, we're navigating a topic that's crucial for all you innovators, especially in the health tech sphere: The Platform Dilemma. Yes, we're talking about Podcasts, Radio, TV, or Print Media and figuring out what’s right for your unique health tech story. So, if you’re grappling with where to invest your time, energy, and resources to make the biggest splash, this episode is for you.

Now, let's dive in, shall we?

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First up, Podcasts.

They've exploded in popularity, haven't they? With their on-demand nature and niche audiences, podcasts offer a direct line to engaged listeners. Here's the scoop: they're cost-effective, intimate, and incredibly flexible in content length. However, the podcast world is crowded, and standing out requires strategic storytelling and consistent, high-quality content. And remember, podcasts often cater to niche markets, so while your message may resonate deeply, it might do so with a smaller audience.

But what about pitching podcasts? It's all about the personal touch. Podcast hosts get bombarded with pitch emails, so yours needs to stand out. Highlight what's unique about your story and why it's perfect for their audience. The cost? Often just your time, unless you hire a PR agency to craft and send those pitches. But consider this: training someone on your team could be a long-term investment, fostering relationships directly with these platforms.

Next, we've got Radio.

Traditional? Yes. Irrelevant? Absolutely not. Radio still offers incredible reach, especially for local markets. It's live, giving a sense of urgency and immediacy, and it's trusted. The downside? It's fleeting. Your story is heard once, and it's gone, unlike podcasts or TV segments that live online.

Pitching to radio requires understanding their format and audience. Is it a morning show looking for quick, exciting segments? Or is it a long-form afternoon interview space? Tailoring your pitch is crucial. And while sending a press release might not cost much, hiring a PR agency with media contacts can escalate those costs. So, weigh the benefits of that immediate but fleeting exposure against the cost.

Onward to TV.

The big leagues. If you land a TV spot, it speaks volumes about your credibility. The visual element allows you to demonstrate your technology, making complex concepts tangible. But, TV spots are highly competitive and can be pricey, especially if you're aiming for national exposure. Plus, your segment is short—just a few minutes—so your message needs to be clear and compelling.

So, how difficult is it to pitch to TV? In a word: very. Stations are inundated with pitches, so connections are key. This is where a PR agency, despite the higher cost, can be invaluable. They have the relationships and the know-how to get your story noticed. But, this needs to be a calculated investment, considering the brief nature of TV spots.

Finally, Print Media.

There's something about a story in print that gives it weight, right? Newspapers and magazines provide credibility and a chance for in-depth storytelling. But print has a longer lead time and, with the rise of digital, a more limited audience. Yet, it's tangible—a piece in a reputable publication can be a powerful tool in your marketing kit.

Pitching to print is about newsworthiness and timing. Your story needs to be relevant to current events or trends to catch a journalist's eye. And while sending a press release doesn't have a direct cost, employing a PR agency for their expertise and media connections can be significant. It's about balancing the prestige of print with its waning reach and the potential cost of hiring experts.

So, listeners, how do you decide which platform to leverage? Here's a framework:

Define your goals. Are you looking for broad awareness or direct engagement? Credibility or storytelling depth?

Know your audience. Who are they, and where do they consume media?

Budget wisely. Consider both the monetary and time costs of each platform and pitching approach.

Evaluate your internal resources. Do you have the skills in-house to craft and send pitches, or would an agency's expertise and connections provide a better return on investment?

Track your results. Where are you seeing the most engagement or return? What's resonating with your audience?

In the end, it’s about finding the right mix for your story, goals, and resources. Each platform offers unique benefits, and there's no one-size-fits-all answer. And remember, it's not just about the media exposure itself; it's about how you leverage it afterward. How will you incorporate that podcast interview, radio shout-out, TV segment, or print article into your ongoing marketing strategy? Think bigger picture, folks.

Get Visible For Your Health Tech Solution 

Today, we’re not just discussing media platforms; we're unveiling an extraordinary opportunity that encapsulates them all: The PulsePoint Path Impact Awards. This isn't your everyday awards program; it's a chance to catapult your health tech story across Podcasts, Radio, TV, AND Print Media. Yes, you heard that right, winners get comprehensive media exposure, and the best part? It’s all free.

Now, why would PulsePoint Path host such an event? Simple. They believe in giving back, in elevating innovations that are making our world a healthier place. They understand the power of story and the struggle health tech founders face in breaking through the noise. This awards program isn’t just about recognition; it’s about providing a springboard for ideas that could revolutionize healthcare as we know it.

Imagine your story being broadcast on popular podcasts, creating intimate connections with engaged audiences worldwide. Visualize the credibility your brand will garner from a segment on a national TV show, or the prestige of a feature in a major print publication. And let’s not forget the immediacy and expansive reach of radio broadcasting. With the PulsePoint Path Impact Awards, all of this isn’t just a dream; it could be your reality.

So, how does this tie back to our ongoing conversation about selecting the right media mix for your story? It's about understanding each platform's unique strengths and envisioning how your narrative could be adapted across them. It’s also about recognizing the incredible opportunity the PulsePoint Path Impact Awards presents – a chance to bypass the hurdles of pitching, the costs of PR agencies, and instead, securing a spot across the most influential media platforms, free of charge.

But let’s pivot back to you, our innovative listeners. When contemplating media platforms, it's crucial to consider your message, audience, and goals:

Message: What's the core narrative you want to convey? How can it be tailored to fit the different formats of podcasts, radio, TV, and print?

Audience: Who are you trying to reach? Where do your audience members consume their information?

Goals: Are you seeking credibility, awareness, engagement, or a mix of these?

Winning an award like PulsePoint Path’s doesn’t just hand you these opportunities; it gives you the momentum and validation that can enhance every aspect of your future pitches and presentations.

I hope you are catching this, a reminder that the media landscape is multifaceted, and navigating it can be complex. But opportunities like the PulsePoint Path Impact Awards are golden tickets – chances to showcase your innovations on a stage they deserve, without the stress of costs and pitch rejections. It's PulsePoint Path's way of giving back, of fostering a culture of innovation and recognition within the health tech community.


As we draw to the end of this enlightening journey, remember, choosing the right platform for your health tech story isn’t a gamble—it’s a strategic decision, one that could shape the trajectory of your innovation. 

So, to all the health tech innovators out there: keep pushing the boundaries, keep disrupting, and keep an eye out for opportunities like the PulsePoint Path Impact Awards that can serve as powerful catalysts on your journey. You’re not just making an impact; you’re crafting the future of healthcare. 

Remember that your story is worth telling, and it deserves the right stage. So, consider your options, weigh the benefits against the costs, and make an informed decision that positions your health tech venture in the best possible light. And hey, don't hesitate to reach out to experts if you're feeling overwhelmed.

The PulsePoint Path Impact Awards symbolize more than free, extensive media exposure. They represent a belief in your potential, a community ready to elevate your idea to the heights it deserves. So, take the leap, apply your insights from today, and don’t hesitate to put your groundbreaking work forward for the recognition it merits. 

Because, who knows? The next story echoing through radios, flashing on TV screens, captivating podcast listeners, or gracing the pages of top publications could be yours. Stay curious, stay bold, and continue to innovate for a healthier, brighter future!

Special Opportunity: 

Ready to amplify your health tech story? The PulsePoint Path Impact Awards are your springboard to comprehensive media exposure and recognition in the healthcare industry. Winners receive the unique benefit of featured spots in podcasts, radio shows, TV segments, and print media. Don't miss this chance to showcase your innovation on a grand scale. Apply now at ➡️PulsePointPath.com/Awards.

Don't let your innovation go unnoticed. Dive into this episode to master your media strategy and seize your spot in the PulsePoint Path Impact Awards. Your story deserves to be told. Make it heard.

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