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Discovering the Power of Personalized, Holistic Care with Dr. Monisha Bhanote Ep 43

Are you a healthcare entrepreneur seeking inspiration to elevate your practice and achieve professional fulfillment? 

Discover how you can transform your business and contribute to your personal growth by learning from the experiences of accomplished professionals like Dr. Monisha Bhanote, a quadruple board-certified physician, author, and wellness expert.

In this newsletter, we explore a conversation between Dr. Bhanote and our host, Sabrina Runbeck, a recovered clinician and a Deal Catalyst, as they discuss habit-changing, developing a unique practice, leveraging telehealth, and more. 

These insights can serve as a catalyst to help you transform your healthcare business and deliver exceptional care to your patients. We've compiled a list of major learning points to inspire and guide healthcare entrepreneurs on their journey to success.

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Show Summary

Are you a healthcare leader or entrepreneur looking to provide more personalized and holistic care to your patients or clients? In this episode of the Provider’s Edge podcast, we sit down with Dr. Monisha Bhanote, MD, a board-certified physician and self-care advocate who shares her insights on optimizing patient care through a personalized, multi-hyphenate approach.

During our conversation, Dr. Bhanote touches on several key topics, including:
The limitations of traditional medical practices and the potential of incorporating lifestyle, nutrition, exercise, and botanicals to improve patient outcomes
The importance of honing in on your passions and building a unique, personalized practice as a healthcare professional
The power of self-care in optimizing cellular health and preventing/reversing disease

How to make habit-changing a positive experience by incorporating personalized rituals into your life
The benefits of immersive, transformational retreats for healthcare professionals and patients alike
Don't miss this insightful conversation with Dr. Bhanote, and learn how to provide more personalized, effective care to your patients or clients.

To connect with Dr Bhanote and find out more about her platform, please visit:
Book: The Anatomy of Wellbeing (amazon link: https://www.amazon.com/Anatomy-Wellbeing-Intentional-Practices-Revitalize-ebook/dp/B0BC2DBG32?tag=scribemedia-20&geniuslink=truel



1. Habit-Changing Is Difficult but Crucial:


In order to find your calling, you must first understand and prioritize your value system. Emmanuel recommends Dr. John D. Martini’s 13 questions evaluation process. Answer the 13 questions as authentically as possible to know what you value most in life. Each of us operates with a different set of values. Bear in mind that your answers to these questions shouldn’t be colored by your religious, social, or political beliefs. Be as authentic as possible to get a useful evaluation. 

You can group the answers to these questions into meaningful areas. Start organizing your work, life, and calendar based on these groupings. Figure out a profession, a career, or a field of work that prioritizes the values that matter the most to you. Now you can begin switching to a new line of work that aligns with your values gradually.

2. Developing a Unique Practice:


Healthcare entrepreneurs should hone in on their passions and prioritize what's important to them to build a unique and successful practice. Instead of conforming to the traditional medical practice model, entrepreneurs can integrate their diverse interests and create a multi-faceted business that keeps them stimulated, happy, and professionally fulfilled. By recognizing their strengths, healthcare professionals can develop a practice that aligns with their values and provides a holistic approach to patient care. This could involve incorporating integrative medicine, telehealth, or a focus on preventive care, ultimately leading to better patient outcomes and professional satisfaction.

"I can tell you from somebody who is very multi-hyphenate, you can make it work. And how do you incorporate it to, you know, keep you stimulated, keep you happy, have joy in your profession."  by Dr. Monisha Bhanote

3. Leveraging Telehealth for Patient Care:


Telehealth has become an indispensable tool for healthcare providers in recent years. Embracing telehealth can improve patient engagement and make healthcare services more accessible and efficient. Healthcare entrepreneurs should consider incorporating telehealth into their practice to provide convenient and effective care to their patients. By doing so, they can streamline communication, care coordination, and follow-up appointments, ultimately enhancing the patient experience. Telehealth also allows healthcare professionals to reach a broader patient base, extending their impact and potentially increasing revenue.

4. Training and Empowering Medical Staff:


Healthcare entrepreneurs should invest in the training and development of their medical staff to ensure a high standard of patient care. By empowering nurses and other medical professionals to take on care coordination roles, healthcare providers can reduce their workload and focus on providing specialized care. In turn, this approach can improve patient satisfaction, staff morale, and overall practice efficiency. Additionally, by offering ongoing education and support, healthcare entrepreneurs can foster a culture of continuous improvement and adaptability within their practice.

"The more we do, the more we show up authentically, that's what people attract to. They care about your messages, who you are as a provider, and a community leader in this space." by Sabrina Runbeck

5. Adapting to Change in Healthcare:


The healthcare landscape is constantly evolving, and healthcare entrepreneurs must be willing to adapt and innovate to stay relevant and successful. Embracing new technologies, such as electronic medical records (EMRs) and telehealth, can streamline practice management and improve patient care. By being open to change and actively seeking opportunities for growth, healthcare professionals can maintain a competitive edge and provide cutting-edge services to their patients. In turn, this adaptability can lead to increased job satisfaction, professional growth, and a more sustainable practice.

6. Hosting Immersion Transformational Retreats:


Healthcare entrepreneurs seeking to expand their impact beyond traditional practice can consider hosting immersion transformational retreats. These retreats offer an opportunity for healthcare providers to share their knowledge and expertise in a more intimate and immersive setting. By offering these events, healthcare professionals can facilitate transformative experiences for their attendees, who can then bring this newfound knowledge and insight back to their families and communities. Hosting retreats can also serve as a valuable marketing tool, attracting new clients and fostering long-term relationships with existing patients. Ultimately, these retreats can contribute to the overall success and growth of a healthcare entrepreneur's practice.

Dr. Monisha Bhanote's journey offers invaluable lessons for healthcare entrepreneurs, founders, and innovators. By incorporating these learning points into their own businesses, they can create successful, unique businesses that prioritize holistic patient care and personal growth. As the healthcare landscape continues to evolve, embracing change and prioritizing passion and authenticity will set entrepreneurs apart and propel them toward success.

If you are ready to transform your business and elevate your career, you cannot afford to miss out the entire conversation.

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