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I empower you, the ambitious healthcare leader, to gain a day per week
So you can control your practice, control your life, and control your future!

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Networking, based on a study published by Oxford Economics, is one of the most important ways to find and keep customers. Executives reveal that they’d lose 28% of their business if they stopped networking. Therefore, we can leverage through connections where we empower each other by imparting our knowledge and resources within our healthcare community. This complimentary event is happening every month limited for 30 healthcare leaders and entrepreneurs. Our goal is to expand our network by sharing our endeavors in the healthcare space.

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Private practice owners, it's time to change the status quo that is leaving us and our staff burned out and our patients dissatisfied because we don't have the time, the energy, or the technology to give them the care they deserve.

As a private practice owner, you can have it all - an efficient practice, patients who feel well cared for, and reclaim an extra day per week.

Each episode, along with other healthcare disruptors, we discuss improvements to operational efficiency, reducing provider fatigue, increasing access to meet patient expectations, and introducing the next generation of healthcare innovation who are truly making a difference.

This is your defining moment to be a disruptor in healthcare.

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If you are ready to rewrite the rules for your own practice so you can have more time off, a great team, and more income while delivering better care, then join Sabrina for a conversation on her podcast, listen to inspiring interviews with thought leaders, and attend one of her workshops.

What Others Say About Sabrina…

Sabrina was a guest on my podcast, Business Acceleration with Dr. Brooklyn Storme and she brought a wealth of useful information to the show that listeners in Australia and around the world will no doubt benefit from hearing. I highly recommend her for speaking and podcast opportunities and I’ll definitely be inviting her back!

Dr. Brooklyn Storme, Ph.D.

Business Alignment Strategist and Coach
Sabrina is very knowledgeable in her field. She has processed in a place that makes understanding and implementing her strategies or success easy to follow.
Her passion and enthusiasm for life are inspiring and motivating. I highly recommend working with Sabrina.

Victoria Johnson

Franchise Owner, Business Coach, Podcast Host, Healing Trainer

Take these 20 tasks off your plate
and save your sanity

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Who is Sabrina

After overcoming burnout working in heart and lung surgery, Sabrina Runbeck, MPH, MHS, PA-C became an International Peak Performance Keynote Speaker and Advisor. She revolutionizes how healthcare private practices are run and grow.

This allows practice owners and their teams to

- Gain a day back per week

- Reduce staff turnover

- Move steadily forward with more profit margins

- Improve patient access and disease management

She is still practicing in surgery and empowering other healthcare leaders to have a double win in work and life.

That's why people call her the Queen of Performance and Productivity.

She hosts the Provider's Edge Podcast and is an international bestselling author being featured on Thrive Global, Authority Magazine, KevinMD, FOX, CBS, and ABC.


Work With Me

Are you an established yet overwhelmed private practice owner who is ready to have a double win in work and life?

Sabrina works as a private advisor with selected practice leaders, especially those whose business(es) are on track to make a 7-8-figure range. Occasional exceptions are made for driven practice owners with individual determination for up-leveling themselves and their entire team of practitioners and clinical support.

These practice owners are struggling with long work hours, high staff turnover, and low-profit generation, while client satisfaction are slipping.
Provider’s Edge is designed for practitioners who need an expert advisor to consult you in order to will stand out as a provider, a CEO, and a passionate person to enjoy life.

Book a complimentary consultation with Sabrina so she can audit how effective you are running your private practice, do you have the right people in your circle, and what system you can create to optimize your time and profit while saving your sanity.


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Article: How to bring joy and be valued while avoiding burnout

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This is a story of change. The 2020's have given us the gift of clarity. It has been a time for seeing what really matters, and for making adjustments to line up with our core values.

For some, this meant huge changes in career, education, sustainability, and spirituality. For others, this meant showing up to assist all who were feeling the call to shift into the new.

This book will guide you to the freedom and connection that can only come when aligning with your true self. Are you ready to create heaven on earth? This is how it happens.

Let me help you gain a day back per week so you can increase your impact while enjoying life more!