Healthcare Business
Owners, are you tired
of sacrificing
all your
time to your practice?

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Well, now you can!

Welcome to the

Provider’s Edge
for Performance
and Productivity!

With my scientifically-proven solution, you’ll gain:

A day of freedom per week without losing control

Success in both your professional and personal life

A Heck Yeah Life mindset with conscious intentions, goals and plans

Guidance via live online training, 1:1 coaching, empowerment events, and mastermind retreats

You’ll no longer be overworked and underpaid because you’ll be delegating
to the right people that you can trust. You’ll be connected with people who
are in your shoes and will support you in growing your practice. You’ll crack
the code of success and realize it’s much easier to do than you think. With
my proven system, you’ll also be able to:

Recognize and decrease the factors that contribute to damaging stress

Identify and leverage your strengths

Create a team of only A players you can trust

Develop positive intelligence which generates power, energy and strength

Find the shortest path to achieve your life’s purpose and put it into action

Say yes only to what truly matters

Working a day less per week, improving patient satisfaction and earning a higher profit margin isn’t a dream, it's a definite can do! How do I know? I have been right where you are. I was working 80 plus hours a week in surgery, and my workload was taking a toll on my personal and professional life. I had to turn my life around. I did a deep dive into performance sciences and positive intelligence. After cutting down my clinical hours by 30% and increasing my income by 50%, I became a keynote speaker and consultant helping other healthcare leaders to do the same. And I can show you how right now.

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