I empower you, the ambitious and busy health leader in private practice to increase mental fitness!
So you can increase your team's productivity and gain a day per week!

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As a busy and ambitious healthcare leader, your plate is always full. I have been in your shoes. After turning my life around, I created this podcast and invited healthcare experts to share how you can gain self-mastery, improve your team’s productivity, while you gain back 10 hours per week. Let’s be peak performers again while having peace and sanity.

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Instant Energy Restore Audio

Want to stay energized and focused even if your day is filled with patients and your schedule is crazy?

I’m going to show you exactly how to do that, in just 2 minutes, without feeling the need to grab that 4th cup of coffee by midday.

And I will show you how to feel energized throughout the day, so you don’t feel the need to crash on your couch as soon as you walk in your door… Ever…

What is my mission

Career satisfaction and personal happiness often go hand in hand. Although success doesn’t lead to greater happiness, studies have found that a happier brain is more creative, resourceful, and resilient, leading to greater performance.

In our “always-on” culture, healthcare professionals are jam-packed with job-related tasks on top of their family obligations. Between work, eat, and sleep, they hardly can get a minute to themselves to recharge and tap into their full potential.

On a worldwide scale, a Gallup Poll showed that only 15% of the workers said they are engaged at work. Exhausted professionals are not a new thing. They know that they must be committed to clients and organizations, but they are doing it while eroding their well-being. A recent study also found that the average career burnout age is 32!

As a clinician myself, I know of exhaustion. I have experienced the fear of making errors.

But the good news is that I can get you to avoid all this with a system that healthcare professionals are using to recharge their energy, boost their performance, and become both influential key players and successful individuals in their field.


I Coach.

Provide 1-on-1 personalized and small group hot seat coaching for ambitious private practice owners and healthcare leaders to boost team's productivity, save 10 hours per week, and say NO confidently, without feeling overwhelmed or losing control.

I Speak.

Present a scientific-based system via online and physical stages to restore mental immunity, regenerate momentum, and reboot efficiency for busy healthcare professionals so they can wake up excited about their careers and thrive in life.

I Host.

Conduct empowerment events and podcasts with industry experts for collective healthcare practitioners and organizations to help them to have a Double Win in career and life. Subscribe to our weekly podcast here: SabrinaRunbeck.com/Podcast

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My Story

Sabrina Runbeck, MPH, MHS, PA-C is a Cardiothoracic Surgery Physician Associate (PA) with more than 10 years of experience in public health and neuroscience.

After overcoming burnout working in surgery, she became an International Peak Performance Keynote Speaker and Advisor. Now she empowers ambitious health practice owners and their team to build mental immunity so they can increase their team’s productivity while getting back 10 hours per week.

Her clients stop having endless to-do lists, constantly putting out fires, or are not able to move steadily forward.

She believes with the right system, every healthcare leader is able to create the ultimate time makeover where they can do less, achieve higher, and enjoy more.

She is still practicing in surgery and empowering other healthcare leaders to have a double win in both work and life.

That’s why people call her the Queen of Performance and Productivity.

Sabrina hosts the Powerful and Passionate Healthcare Professionals Podcast and is an international bestselling author of the book, Asian Women Who BossUp.

She has been featured on KevinMD, Thrive Global, Authority Magazine, and spoken on numerous stages such as Fox, CBS, ABC, Nurse Keith Show, and  Live on Purpose Radio.


What Others Say About Sabrina…

Sabrina was a guest on my podcast, Business Acceleration with Dr. Brooklyn Storme and she brought a wealth of useful information to the show that listeners in Australia and around the world will no doubt benefit from hearing. I highly recommend her for speaking and podcast opportunities and I’ll definitely be inviting her back!

Dr. Brooklyn Storme, Ph.D.

Business Alignment Strategist and Coach
Sabrina is very knowledgeable in her field. She has processed in a place that makes understanding and implementing her strategies or success easy to follow. Her passion and enthusiasm for life are inspiring and motivating. I highly recommend working with Sabrina.

Victoria Johnson

Franchise Owner, Business Coach, Podcast Host, Healing Trainer
I had the pleasure of hosting the wonderful Sabrina on my podcast Human Impact, she is intelligent and incredibly passionate to help people re-connect with their careers. She is a high achiever with a depth of self-awareness that is rare amongst her peers. Sabrina has a natural warmth and curiosity to learn and teach and I am looking forward to watching her career and life with interest.

Ed Andrew

Founder of the Human Consultancy, Growth Coach for people and business, Host of Human Impact Podcast
Sabrina is an incredible individual, that has an ability to give others clarity and stability in a world that lacks it. She’s a thought leader on the rise and I highly recommend working with her!

Jeremy Ryan Slate

Top 100 Podcast Host, Podcast Guest PR Expert, Public Speaker
Sabrina is a loving, caring person who, through her professional lens, helps others to know when to say no. She is all about helping others achieve a more balanced life so that people can avoid burnout and health complications. I highly recommend her to anyone!

Jim Bordeau

Founder at The Entrepreneurial Truth Podcast
Sabrina came on Breakthrough Success and shared incredible insights during our time together on how we can achieve success. She is a true expert in the space and I know people who listen to Sabrina and follow her work will be positively impacted.

Marc Guberti

Author, Speaker, Business Owner of Breakthrough Success Podcast and Profitable Public Speaking Podcast
I had the pleasure of hosting Sabrina on my Screw the Naysayers Podcast. She has her finger on a very big problem (high-stress levels and lack of job enjoyment for highly skilled medical professionals). That was Sabrina at one time. She solved the puzzle and wants to help others do the same thing.

Tim Alison

Business Mentor, Harvard Speaker, Author, Screw the Naysayers Podcast Host, The Social Movement on Amazon Prime & iTunes

Let me help you gain a day back per week so you can increase your profit while enjoying life more!