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4 Amazing Benefits of

Biohacking for Optimal Performance

Are you ready to use Biohacking to Health for optimal well-being & prosperity? 


This week's episode on The Provider's Edge, with Nurse Practitioner & Biohacker Shanya Melissa Stockman, has all the answers you need. 


In this episode with Shanya Melissa Stockman, you will learn:

  1. How to fight burnout by implementing modalities with biohacking and training your patients without using medication.
  2. How biohacking can be used as an alternative to traditional medicine to attack the root causes of illnesses and help people heal without medications.
  3. How healthcare professionals can leverage their income streams and create recurring income so they can see fewer patients while helping more patients.


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Show Summary

As a physician, you always want what is best for your patients; whether in terms of treatment, consultancy, aftercare, or any other step of their medical procedure. However, sometimes it can be challenging to get rid of the root cause of your patient's ailment. 


Doctors are highly trained to treat any immediate discomfort their patients are experiencing. But sometimes, it can be hard to pinpoint the root cause of their illness and it might even take a while to do the same. So, where does biohacking come in? 


While you are hard at work to figure out and provide your patients with the best possible treatment, you can recommend biohacking to them to get some relief in their day-to-day life and start their journey to recovery and normalcy. 


Biohacking is a type of self-help treatment method that involves people making dietary and lifestyle changes to support a healthy body and mind. Biohacking consists of usually small changes to support a specific outcome or outcomes. It can be anywhere from a weight loss journey to polishing your brain function. The possibilities with this method are endless. In this blog, we will cover some of the best advantages of biohacking and how it can help you as a physician. 

1. It targets your genes

One of the biggest benefits of biohacking is that it targets the genes or the genetic ailment of the person concerned. This means that biohacking can be used in countless ways and can be customized to work for everyone differently. Patients can use biohacking to target their immediate ailments or to support a long-term lifestyle change and even achieve a long-term health goal.

2. It’s great for mental health

Biohacking works through dopamine and serotonin production in the brain. These are the two hormones that mentally ill patients typically lack. Through specific diet and lifestyle changes, biohacking can increase the production of these two hormones triggering better mood, increased productivity, better stress management, and an overall healthy lifestyle.

3. Cost Effective

While running tests and scheduling different appointments can be hefty on both your and your patients’ pockets. Biohacking is significantly more cost-effective than spending thousands on tests and other medical equipment. Biohacking promotes long-term health and making your patients incorporate healthy changes is the more cost-effective choice.

4. Integration Treatment

If you want to know more about biohacking and how you can make your life easier as a healthcare professional, make sure to tune in to the Provider’s Edge Podcast.


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