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15 Best Employee

Monitoring Software

Are you a healthcare leader or startup founder looking to increase employee productivity in your business? 

It can be difficult to track hours and overall productivity with different deadlines, projects, and days. 

That’s why you should check out one of these 17 best employee productivity tracker software! 

These employee monitoring systems are made to simplify your job - you can track hours, timesheets, breaks, emails, and so much more. 

Plus, I’ll be giving tips on how you can increase productivity for your private practice. 

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Show Summary

Tracking employee productivity is a tedious task so how can you do so without spending lots of time and money? Keep reading to learn how. It can be difficult to track hours and overall productivity with different deadlines, projects, and days. This is why you should have a look at employee productivity tracker software. These employee monitoring systems are made to simplify your job. You can track hours, timesheets, breaks, emails, and so much more. The best part? It’s all automated! So, your workload is highly decreased. 


What are Employee Productivity Monitoring Systems? 


Employee monitoring systems are not a new invention. In fact, they have been around for a while. They do just as the name suggests - track employee productivity. 


With teams going in a hybrid or remote work setting, it is next to impossible to see how many hours people actually work. Well, not anymore; with productivity tracking, you can see how many hours people work, how many breaks they take, the amount of time taken to finish a project and so much more. 


So, say goodbye to outdated timesheets and pay slips. All you and your team have to do is click a button and the rest is calculated by the system! In this article, we have compiled a list of the best employee productivity trackers for 2023. Keep on reading to find out more. 

1. Timely 

Timely gives you a comprehensive report of your productivity. With Timely, business owners, managers, and employees such as yourself can see employee working hours, when they are most productive, and where time and resources are wasted.

2. Time Doctor 

If you are into detailed analytics and reports, Time Doctor is perfect for you. Time Doctor offers unlimited features to make work life much easier for managers. With Time Doctor, you can avail several features such as project management, employee monitoring, timesheets, and more. Moreover, you get weekly reports that you can use to increase productivity.

3. ActivTrak

If you manage a remote team, ActivTrak is one of the best time-tracking software for you. ActivTrak has an easy-to-understand interface that helps managers increase employee productivity. 

It also integrates business software like Google Workspace, Microsoft, and more so that you have everything you need in one place.

4. ProofHub  

ProofHub takes time-tracking software to the next level.

And the catch? It runs on the cloud. So, you don’t need to install the software. ProofHub makes it easy for managers to keep a track of tasks across all their teams. It puts tasks, documents, discussions, etc all in one place. With ProofHub, you don’t have trouble keeping track of your team.

5. Everhour 

Everhour is a time-tracking tool that not only monitors employee productivity but also tells you how much of that time is turning into profits for your business. 

Additionally, it has features such as resource planning, expense tracking, task management, and much more to make your job much easier and more organized.

6. iDone This 

If you want to increase overall team productivity and accountability, iDone This is the way to go. You can easily add and manage tasks with this software. iDone This streamlines the managing process, making it much more organized. 

With iDoneThis, you get progress reports, daily check-ins, and much more to make the managing process that much easier.

7. TMetric 

TMetric is a pretty standard time-tracking software. So, if you are someone who does not want detailed reports or external features, TMetric is perfect. With TMetric, you can monitor employee productivity, activity level, and app/site usage. TMetric also takes periodic screenshots so you can see what your team is up to. TMetric is perfect for both single and team use.

8. Asana

When it comes to productivity-tracking software, Asana is usually at the top of the list. The application is your one-stop-shop for everything management and productivity. You can assign tasks, track them, put reminders, and manage everything all in one place. Asana can be used to increase productivity and decrease resource wastage.

9. Hubstaff 

If you’ve been looking to find the best time-tracking software, you’ve probably come across Hubstaff. Hubstaff comes with tons of features apart from productivity monitoring. You can send emails, and payrolls, have timesheets, and always keep a tab on what your team is doing. 

When it comes to time-tracking software, Hubstaff takes it to the next level by bringing all office management systems into one place. You can also opt for different plans depending on the size of your team and the type of work you do.

10. Workpuls 

Track productivity, activity, and projects all with Workpuls. Workpuls is a time-tracking and employee-monitoring software that gives managers comprehensive reports of how employees spend their time. 

With Workpuls, you can track activity, get regular screenshots, track attendance, and even manage budgets! It is a platform that brings everything together and is easy to use.

11. Teramind 

If you love to get into the nitty-gritty of what your team is up to, Teramind is a software you would want to have. Teramind takes activity tracking to the next level. You can track keystrokes, get a live view of an employee’s PC, screen recordings, and much more. 

For an in-depth productivity report, it doesn’t get much better than Teramind.

12. Veriato Cerebral

Veriato Cerebral is a productivity tracking software perfect for larger and more diversified teams. VC is not your typical time-tracking software, it also identifies potential threats to your business or company. Its AI-powered system helps detect different types of threats. You can even track your risk score right from your dashboard. Also, it is super easy to install and get working.

13. Controlio 

With Controlio, you can monitor employees at a good price for large teams. It tracks employees' movements during work hours. You can adjust your goals to be productivity increments and safety from any potential threats to your company.

Controlio not only tracks productivity but also gives you a report on what causes most distractions. You also get video snapshots and as an additional feature, it syncs keylogging with video recordings.

14. InterGuard 

If you work at a larger organization, InterGuard is an employee-monitoring software ideal for your team. InterGuard takes all productivity and activity reports and converts them into proactive alerts for you and your team. You can add modules, get intricate reports, and have excellent notification automation when you use InterGuard. 

15. VeriClock 

VeriClock is designed for small-scale companies and businesses. It is easy to use and ideal for tracking remote teams or remote workers. Additionally, it is affordable and comes with features like clock options for your phone, SMS, or via mobile. It is the perfect blend of time-tracking and geo-location software. 


Now you know the world’s best 15 employee productivity trackers that will make your work and life easier. When it comes to productivity tracking, you can use any of the systems and software mentioned above. However, when it comes to increasing productivity, it can be tricky. Especially as a practice owner. Keeping track of employees, patients, files, and all the information is hectic, to say the least. 


But, it doesn’t have to be. I am Sabrina Runbeck and my mission is to increase productivity for private practice owners, one day at a time. We start at a day a week and ensure that work in your practice runs smoothly. 



Please share with me which employee productivity tracker you are using or like to adopt for your practice by leaving me a voice message here: SabrinaRunbeck.com/Connect

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