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Sacred Redesign: How to free yourself
from society's standards and create
heaven on earth

This is a story of change. The 2020's have given us the gift of clarity. It has been a time for seeing
what really matters, and for making adjustments to line up with our core values.

For some, this meant huge changes in career, education, sustainability, and spirituality.
For others, this meant showing up to assist all who were feeling the call to shift into the new.

This book will guide you to the freedom and connection that can only come when aligning with your
true self. Are you ready to create heaven on earth? This is how it happens.

Get 3 Exciting Bonuses

  • Asset 17-8

    Peak Performance Audit

    In this 45 minutes one-on-one session where we
    can figure out how to bring down the chaos and
    distractions around you so you can work only on
    the thing that you want to do.

  • Asset 18-8

    Access to Efficiency Courses

    • Stop Being Busy: the 3 Must Do’s to save a
      day per week
    • 5 Ways to Attract A-player Talents to Your
      Healthcare Practice
    • 3 Simple Steps to Wake Up Excited and Thrive
      as a Healthcare Professional

  • Asset 19-8

    Frustration Free Perfect Day Planning

    Stop writing down all the things you "got to do"!
    Instead, listen to this self-guided audio exercise 
    to create a perfect day without a written plan so
    you can leave your frustrations behind when you 
    cannot cross off all of those tasks on your to-do list.

Asset 5

This book is so inspiring

I loved the stories in this book.
As our world has gone through so many changes lately, it's so helpful to hear the powerful stories
the authors share about how they have redesigned their lives.
This book is beautifully easy to read and will leave you inspired for what's possible in your life.

Therese Skelly

Highest Recommendation

I love Sabrina’s story! This book is truly golden and it speaks right to my mind and heart! A players are game changers and we should always connect with the best! Highest recommendation!

Catherine B. Roy

Illuminating the way for others

We are living in a time where many are reevaluating what is most important and they’re being called to more; more purpose, more impact more JOY, their own heaven on earth. This book is the medicine.

Jennifer S

Learned so much from this book! Thank you!

This book gave me new insight and valuable information that I can use and implement into my life! ??

Erin R.

Another Book Shifting The Sand of Time

This is such an important work, filled with authors that are constantly shifting the ripples of time with there work. I love the concept of redesign because that is exactly what healing is, it’s a redesign of your life- nothing is really gone but perspective and the decor has changed. Thank you to all the authors for birthing this book- I look forward to diving deep into the words of these humans.

AlyseMarie Warren


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