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About Sabrina

Sabrina Runbeck, MPH, MHS, PA-C is a cardiothoracic surgery PA and a public health practitioner.


After overcoming burnout and feeling stuck in a career that drained her, she became an International Peak Performance Speaker empowering young professionals to find their voice and overcome the stress of their personal and professional expectations. This allows them to reconnect with their passion, contribute positively to their organizations, and become influential in their fields without feeling overwhelmed, underappreciated, or undervalued!

Sabrina hosts the Powerful and Passionate Healthcare Professionals Podcast and is an author of an upcoming book, Asian Women who BossUp.

Sabrina also regularly shares insights on Instagram for her audience, was featured on KevinMD and Grit Daily, and has spoken on numerous stages such as Speakers Pathway Coalition, Practice of the Practice, and Work from Your Happy Place.

Talking points

In an engaging interview, I can share my easy and achievable tips to wake up excited about your career as an ambitious career professional, including:

    • Building Mental Immunity: For every 1 negative experience it takes 3 positive ones to replace. We can combat unpredictable internal and external roadblocks in life by identify 9 saboteurs and rebooting mental immunity


    • Transforming Your Day: Front line workers make difficult decisions daily. They can be injured morally or develop psychological growth. With pivoting exercises, we can turn their bad day to a good day


    • Instant Energy Booster: In our “always on” culture, the lack of focus or irritability often are caused by lack of energy. Having a 2 minutes micro mental vacation, when done right, can create energy and focus to brighten your day instantly without needing to go to the gym for extensive amount of time