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Innovating Healthcare

Top Strategies from 2023’s Leading Entrepreneurs

Did you know that 70% of healthcare leaders believe innovation is the key to overcoming industry challenges? Yet, despite this recognition, many find themselves stuck in traditional approaches, struggling to make that leap towards transformative change.

The combined wisdom from these episodes presents a comprehensive guide for healthcare entrepreneurs. Whether it's fostering a strong company culture, overcoming internal barriers, leveraging technology, or mastering new marketing strategies, these insights are the catalysts for change and growth. 

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Live Interview

Episode 64, titled “Building a Strong Company Culture: Aligning Values for Success” with Terri Yuzon: Key Points

  • Personal Skills in Entrepreneurship: Terri discusses using personal experiences and skills to navigate the healthcare entrepreneurship landscape, particularly in emerging sectors like hemp.
  • Vision for Growth: Insights on the importance of a clear, forward-thinking vision to navigate industry changes and establish a trusted brand, especially with looming regulations.
  • Anticipating Industry Challenges: Strategies for healthcare startups to foresee and overcome potential obstacles, ensuring long-term success.
  • Team Alignment: The importance of building a team that shares the company’s core values and vision, and how platforms like Fiverr and Upwork can aid in this process.
  • Operational Efficiency: How a well-aligned team contributes to smoother operations and better service delivery in healthcare settings.
  • Podcasting as a Strategic Tool: The role of podcasts in communicating brand stories, building audiences, and establishing genuine customer relationships, moving beyond mere financial gains to create a lasting impact.

Episode 37, titled “Move Over, Me! - How To Stop Self-Sabotaging & Seize Success” with  Dr. Philip Agrios: Key Points

  • Types of Saboteurs: Introduction to the Director, Supplier, and Communicator Saboteurs, each representing unique self-sabotage behaviors impacting healthcare entrepreneurs and leaders.
  • Recognizing Sabotage Patterns: Emphasis on identifying personal sabotage patterns critical for healthcare professionals seeking personal growth and leadership development.
  • Strategies to Counteract: Practical advice on redirecting sabotage tendencies to foster resilience and adaptability in the healthcare sector.
  • Improving Team Engagement: Insights into using understanding of saboteurs to enhance team performance, critical for operational efficiency in healthcare settings.
  • Conflict Resolution and Support: Discussion on tailoring support and resolving conflicts by recognizing team members' saboteur types.
  • Transcendence Program: Overview of Dr. Agrios's program aimed at ending self-sabotage, offering a pathway to significant growth for healthcare professionals.
  • Growth Beyond Saboteurs: Conclusion on how understanding and overcoming one's saboteurs can lead to substantial personal and professional development, aligning with the aspirations of healthcare entrepreneurs.

Episode 36, titled “Digital Health: A Tech Advancement That Better Serves Patients – Women’s Health Tech Interview” with Sabrina Runbeck: Key Points

  • Preference for Convenience: Highlights the increasing demand for virtual care, driven by patients' desire for more control and comfort in managing their health, a trend supported by 'Health Tech Innovation'.
  • Support for Telemedicine: Acknowledges the growing government support, including grants and better reimbursement policies, signaling a positive shift towards widespread adoption of digital health solutions.
  • Evaluating Readiness: Emphasizes the need for healthcare organizations to assess financial capabilities and staff readiness before integrating virtual care, ensuring 'Operational Efficiency in Healthcare'.
  • Balancing Costs and Care: Discusses the importance of implementing virtual care in a way that enhances patient experience without adding unnecessary financial burdens, staying true to 'Patient-Centric Digital Solutions'.

Episode 26, titled “Growing Your Practice Through Videos” with David Lu: Key Points

  • Video as a Trust-Building Tool: Discussion on how videos can effectively build trust and a strong brand image for healthcare practices, showcasing their unique qualities and what patients can expect.
  • Diverse Content Strategies: Exploration of different types of video content, from short-form snippets for quick engagement to in-depth educational materials, each tailored to meet specific audience needs while ensuring authenticity and confidentiality.
  • Quick Insights for Busy Audiences: The importance of short, informative videos in engaging a time-constrained audience, providing them with valuable healthcare tips and insights swiftly.
  • Enhancing Online Presence: The role of original videos on healthcare websites in offering potential patients a real insight into the practice's environment and staff, fostering comfort and familiarity.
  • Expanding Knowledge and Reach: The use of educational content to inform the public about health matters and paid content to expand the practice's reach, illustrating a strategic approach to patient education and marketing.
  • Reflecting Personal Brand in Videos: Emphasis on the need for videos to reflect the healthcare provider's personal brand, extending their reach and impact while ensuring efficient use of resources for maximum ROI.


The combined wisdom from these episodes presents a comprehensive guide for healthcare entrepreneurs. Whether it's fostering a strong company culture, overcoming internal barriers, leveraging technology, or mastering new marketing strategies, these insights are the catalysts for change and growth. 

This collectively provides a multifaceted view of business growth, emphasizing the importance of personal and strategic development, understanding and overcoming self-sabotage, embracing technological advancements, and utilizing innovative communication strategies to build and expand a successful business in the dynamic healthcare landscape​.

Emerging from the depths of insightful discussions on this episode highlighting this year’s top strategies from leading entrepreneurs, what pearls of wisdom have you gathered? 

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"Embracing what sets you apart has the potential to set your venture apart as well." -Terri Yuzon

"We naturally self-sabotage to a certain degree; it's in our human nature, but it CAN be overcome." -Dr. Philip Agrios


What strategies from these episodes resonate most with your entrepreneurial journey, and how do you plan to implement them? 

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Have you ever wondered how a shift from clinical practice to healthcare entrepreneurship could redefine the future of healthcare?

Have you ever wondered how a shift from clinical practice to healthcare entrepreneurship could redefine the future of healthcare?

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