Attention: Busy Healthcare Professionals! Learn How To Live Purposefully And Fulfilled Without Feeling Overwhelmed & Undervalued!

Join us for this 7-day Powerful and Passionate Healthcare Professionals Virtual Summit

Happy Healthcare Practitioners

The BEST part about this virtual summit is to help you to become a confident leader in your field, feel appreciated by everyone around you, and achieve harmony with joy and satisfaction in life.

Therefore, we are offering this virtual summit to YOU for FREE if you are working in the healthcare industry. To be placed on our waiting list for our next event, sign up below!

Our 21 Experts Live Event Ended on Aug 2nd, 2020, at 7:00 pm Central Time

The Powerful and Passionate Healthcare Professionals
7-Day Online Summit 2020

You will learn from our incredible experts how to:

Restore Mental Hygiene

Learn 4 ways to quickly to overcome stress and anxiety, so you can dream big and achieve more

Grow Financial Intelligence

Lean 3 systems to build a legacy for your family is not just a dream but real constructive and simple methods

Strengthen Relationships

Learn 2 ways you can feel more loved and supported by your family & friends, then you won't feel lonely working so hard yet seeming as not doing enough with them

Elevate Your Efficiency

Where you can leverage on 21 industry experts, then you can make progress sooner than working on your own

Boost Physical Health

Learn 4 methods to feel good and look good then you can give the best of you not what is left of you

Create Stronger Influence

Learn 3 strategies you can use to become the leader that your organization cannot afford to loose

Scale Your Healthpreneur Businesses

Learn to adopt 3 systems so you don't need to rely on word of mouth to sustain your practice but have a system that consistently brings in revenue for you

Expand Your Medical Knowlege

Where you can branch out beyond clinical practices and still create financial security for yourself and your family

What benefits can you gain from attending this summit?

Picture a day when you are not waking up worried about how many things are on your to-do list and you know exactly what to do without being pulled off track

Imagine you have more patients seeking your services and generating more revenue without spending more time at work

How would it feel when you feel energized from the moment you wake up to the time you go to bed without needing to play constant catch ups

Visualize a day when your love ones come up to you and say you seem to be happier and less stressed

Let me take a wild guess and say that you are really good at what you do, am I right?

I remember the days where I used to feel drained by my work in surgery, although I checked off many "success" boxes in my life. I still wasn't truly satisfied. My work became my whole life and I was losing myself in the process. Can you relate?

What if there was a way for you to have more purpose, more fulfillment, and more passion for your life and work that didn't require you to put in more time? If you knew that was possible, would you want to know about it?

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Meet Our Incredible Speakers From Our Last Summit

Dr Mously LeBlanc

Dr. Mously LeBlanc, MD

"From Burnout to Bliss: The shortcut to get there"

Ben Reuter

Dr. Ben Reuter, Ph.D., CSCS, D. ATC

"Movement is a Lifestyle, NOT Just an Activity"

Atousa Mahdavi chripractor

Dr. Atousa Mahdavi, D.C., QME, BCIM

"Optimal Health, A Wellness Spectrum"

Carolyn DeLucia, MD

Dr. Carolyn DeLucia, MD

"Ultimate Intimacythe Revolutionary Scienceof Female Sexual Health"


Dr. Christopher Loo, MD, PhD

"The Importance of Achieving Financial Independence as a Health Professional the COVID-19 Era"

Drew Rossi DDS MSD

Dr. Drew Rossi, DDS, MSD

"Dental Economicsin aChanging World"

Sara Florida

Dr. Sara Florida, LAc, PhD

"Improving your Mind-Body Health Through Your Gut!"

David Chudyk

David Chudyk, CFP(r)

"Diagnosing the causes and prescribing the cures topoor fiscal health"

Lauren Zajac

Lauren Zajac, PA-C

"Achieving Foundational HealthForLongevity of Success"

Version 2

Tim Ringgold, MT-BC

"Reach For Music to Relieve Stress FAST"

Marilena Grittani, PharmD

Dr. Marilena Grittani, PharmD

"How to go from 25+ years as a clinician toan Online educator and business owner"

Jill Hunyrt

Jill Hunter, RPh, MBA

"How to Get More Done in Less Time so You Can Have a Life Outside of Work"

Darlene Mayo 2

Dr. Darlene A. Mayo, MD

"3 Leadership Mistakes that Made Mea Better Leader"

View More:

Annie Book

"Money Chaos to Calm:How To Transform Your Personal Finances ToSuccessfully Transition Out Of Clinical Work"

Headshot Sabrina Runbeck v2 (3)

Sabrina Runbeck, MPH, MHS, PA-C

"3 Simple Steps to Wake Up Excited andThrive as a Powerful and PassionateHealthcare Professional"

Adel - buz PR speaker

Adel Wilson, MA

"Elevate Your Brand and Grow Your MedicalPractice: 7 Simple Strategies to GettingBooked on TV & Media

Tasha Whitaker

Tasha Whitaker

"The Power of Connectivity in Community"


Alyssa Gallagher

"Multipliers: How the Best LeadersMake Everyone Smarter"

Catherine B Roy

Catherine B. Roy

"The best-kept secretfor business growth — LinkedIn"

Olufunke Odetunde, MD

Dr. Olufunke Odetunde, MD

"Creating Your Own Pot of Gold: A Path to Financial Wellness"

Veena-Choudary 1

Dr. Veena Choudary, PharmD

"Future Focused:Crafting YourFinancial Freedom"

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What people are saying...


Paul Jenkins

Positive Psychologist

"Sabrina [event host] is smart, knowledgeable, and engaging. She is able to break through the minutia and find clarity for those she works with. Her techniques are tested and backed up by scientific research."

Ashley Tamilio-Awed

Surgical PA

"Going through the Powerful and Passionate Professional's program was the best adult thing that I have done. It has tenants beyond work to create happiness at work is what made it most valuable to me."

Stephanie Webster (2)

Stephanie Webster

Nutritional Therapist

"Passionate, knowledgeable, dedicated. Bringing change to a much-underlooked industry."

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